... because everything starts in the field.


In bio-cultivated fields, the weeds are weeded and not removed as usual with plant products. And these weeds can contain PA.


It is the responsibility of the grower to identify weeds that are native to his growing region in good time and to weed them meticulously just before the harvest.


It can therefore happen that even a few PA plants accidentally harvested contaminate an entire herbal or spice field.


The crop also needs to be selected again before further processing and drying, the famous needle in the haystack must be found!


From now on, it will no longer be possible to sell the herbs without expensive PA analysis - often difficult for small farmers and small businesses to cope with.


The customer expects the prices to remain the same despite the considerable additional effort involved in cultivation, further processing and the necessary expensive PA analyzes ...


... this has to be reconsidered.





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