Greek mountain savory, Thymbra mountain mint,
(Satureja thymbra)


 The mountain savory, which comes from the Black Sea and the Eastern Mediterranean, is spicy and peppery, similar to the strongly aromatic thyme, only more productive in the leaf mass.
In contrast to its annual relative, the traditional savory, the mountain savory is perennial and is also available in winter. The plant develops into a richly branched, small aromatic subshrub.


Cretan thymbra savory is characterized by a very strong, thyme-like aroma. In addition to being used as a spice for aromatic and "hearty" dishes, it is also popularly drunk as a tea.


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Cretan mountain savory

Crete, Lasithi, Sitia


Greek summer savory

Cyprus, Troodos Mountains


Tannins, bitter substances
Phytosterols (sitosterol)
Triterpenes (ursolic acid)
volatile oil

(Carvacrol; Borneol; Terpinene; Cymen)