Artemsia (Artemisia annua)

Artemisia species were already known as medicinal and aromatic plants in ancient times. Almost all Artemisia species contain a lot of bitter substances and essential oils. They are mainly cultivated for their decorative, often fragrant and sometimes insect-repellent leaves.

Mugwort is used fresh and dried and always cooked with it. It makes a fat roast (e.g. duck, goose, pork) spicier and easier to digest.

The annual mugwort is used in traditional Chinese medicine as a malaria remedy. The therapy against malaria recommended by the WHO is based on extracts from the annual mugwort (see artemisinin).

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essential oils (citral; geraniol; pinene; caryophyllene; camphor; limonene)
Polyphenolic acids
Flavonoids (including artemitin; hesperidin)

Artemisia annua
Crete, Lasithi, Sitia