Organic olive oil,
cold-pressed, extra virgin

Location Komi village, Lesbos island


Variety 65% Kolovi grade, 35% Adramitini variety, PGI Lesvos

General information The Giakalis family presents its 4th generation. The young agronomist Vassilis, together with his brother, decided to bottle their production, which is a tradition for the family and the island.
According to the locals, the location of their olive groves is in a prime location for Lesvos olive oil. They are certified organic, use mechanical means and cold press their olives and double filter them. They use cloth bags to transport the olives during harvest (to avoid plasticizers). Their olive trees are very old and grow on the rocky soil of the family's mountainous farm. The trees are not watered. The Adramitini variety is also native to Asia Minor, where the Greeks cultivated it since ancient times.

Very careful storage to avoid oxidation in all phases until the final packaging.


Production capacity approx. 60 tons


Organoleptic properties Properties Characteristic golden yellow olive oil, thin texture. It is intensely fruity, in good balance with the positive properties of bitter and spicy. Characteristic aftertaste of green tomato leaves.


Commercial sizes 5 l can, 750 ml bottle, 500 ml bottle


Logistic information *
5 l can:
4 cans / box, 11 boxes / row, 44 boxes / pallet
750ml bottle: 12 bottles / box, 11 boxes / row, 44 Boxes / pallet
500ml bottle: 12 bottles / box, 12 boxes / row, 72 boxes / pallet
(* The transport costs from Lesvos to Thessaloniki are
50 € / pallet)

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Olive Oil, Extra Virgin BIO