Polei Mint (Mentha pulegium)

The pennyroyal is native to southern Europe.
It can be found from Western Europe to the Middle East.
It grows preferentially on moist and nutrient-rich soils, e.g. on the banks of rivers, ponds and lakes.
The perennial rather creeping mint grows between 5 and 40 centimeters high.
The narrow leaves are egg-shaped and up to 3 cm long.
The purple flowers appear on axillary pseudo whorls between July and September.
The seeds develop from the flowers until late autumn.

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essential oils, diosmin, flavone glycosides,
Tannins, hesperidin, isomenthone,
Menthone, neoisomenthylacetate, piperiton, pulegone

Polei mint

Crete, Lasithi, Sitia