Quality and availability of the goods


Greece is a herbal paradise.
A large variety of tasty and wonderfully fragrant herbs are at home here. The warm and sunny climate and the nature of the soil are ideal for their growth and aroma intensity.


Why herbs from Greece?

Greece's flora has almost 3,000 medicinal herbs and aromatic plants!
The diverse geology and the regionally very different climate are the habitat for around 6,000 different plants.

Around 1,200 species, every fifth plant species in Greece, grows only here.

2,994 plants cataloged as medicinal and aromatic plants.


The small but essential difference between herbs from our indigenous and non-indigenous growing areas is documented in the taste and ingredients.

From this rich variety, we only select the best herbs for you.

Almost each of the herbs has its endemic home, so is it

the location and the microclimate are one of the first criteria that we consider when making the selection.

When the organoleptic tests and analyzes too
our satisfaction, only then will we include them in our organic premium range.


An exact tracing of the goods back to the producer is guaranteed. Retained samples from each batch are archived with us.

Continuous availability of the herbs is guaranteed through our personal and constant contact.He gives us an insight into the condition of their plantations and the expected harvests.


Thyme harvest Crete-min.jpg

The individual organic farmer here in Greece cultivates manageable areas, which as a result of the harvest also means manageable production quantities.
But this is also a great opportunity to produce high-quality goods.

Advance reservation / ordering of batches gives the farmers planning security and guarantees them a secure availability. Fresh from the field.

We do not sell from our own warehouse. At the request of the interested party, we buy the herbs fresh from the fields of our farmers.


We will provide you with free samples.
You can convince yourself of the quality of the goods.