Quality and availability of the goods


Greece is a herbal paradise.
A large variety of tasty and wonderfully fragrant herbs are at home here.

The warm and sunny climate and the nature of the soil are ideal for their growth and aroma intensity .


Our constant, personal contact with the farmers gives us an insight into their stocks.


Organic controlled cultivation. Since the farms have certain areas of organic certified cultivation areas, they have to weigh which areas are cultivated with which products.


This happens due to the demand. Only the areas with the respective herbs that are for sale are cultivated and therefore do not become warehouse keepers.


Forward-looking reservation / ordering of batches gives the farmers planning security and guarantees you guaranteed availability.


Every herb has its time when it ripens and is harvested. Successful or less successful depending on weather conditions, total crop failures are not the exception.

Knowing that it is not the grown crop, but only the harvested crop that can be sold, the farmers ask us to tell them the quantity they need to buy before harvesting. This is the only way to guarantee delivery.

We do not sell from our own warehousing. We buy the herbs fresh from the fields of our farmers upon request of the interested party. Because warehousing makes the goods more expensive.


Herbs are simply not screws that can be stored for the same quality for as long as they are manufactured and can be bought just in time if necessary.

Herbs are bought after harvesting, drying and processing.


Through your requests and inquiries, you will find out the optimal time for harvesting herbs, so you can secure your batch in good time. Fresh from the field.


We provide you with free samples. You can convince yourself of the quality of the goods.