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Inhaber von Montis Coryfes

We only offer you herbs and teas in organic premium quality.

We - formerly organic farmers ourselves - know the conditions under which herbs of the best quality are grown.  

Cultivation area, microclimate, soil conditions, to name just a few, are important criteria.

Our organic farmers, with whom we work closely, meet these criteria.
We know the growing areas of their herbs very well, as well as their further processing.

All of the herbs we offer are regularly checked organoleptically and by means of analyses.

Only when all quality criteria are met do we offer them for sale.

Convince yourself of the quality of our herbs - we would be happy to send you meaningful samples free of charge.

Greece is a herbal paradise. Over many years we got to know and appreciate herbs.
The time came when we became independent in terms of time in order to devote ourselves even more intensively to these herbs of ours:
The Cistus incanus, also called rock rose, grows in very large quantities here in the mountains.
The overexploitation caused by the collection of wild herbs in nature made my wife Nikolia and I come to the realization that a wild collection would have to function in a targeted manner and in the interests of nature, i.e. sustainably.

Friends from the forestry supported us and so we received permission to collect the Cistus in specified areas and batches. Not an easy undertaking, because the Cistus incanus was not listed here by the forest authorities until now ...

However, the Greek mountain tea, Sideritis Scardica, which is also a native plant, was on the red list in our collection areas, so it was not allowed to be collected.

So the idea of growing the mountain tea itself matured.

We rented areas in the mountains (850 meters above sea level) to make them arable. Soil analyzes showed that the cultivation of Greek mountain tea was quite possible here. Two years passed from the reclamation of the cultivation areas to test plantings.

During this time we acquired the necessary knowledge in the University of Agricultural Sciences, Thessaloniki.
Here we got to know the young prospective farmers from all over Greece and Cyprus, with whom we have friendly relationships to this day and now work closely with them.

Our harvests and wild collections were successful and we sold our now organically certified tea herbs on the European market.

Our contact with the farmers we were friends with showed us that although they were successful in growing their herbs, they found it difficult to sell them. Because the demand for dried herbs here in Greece is manageable, the rural population mostly grows herbs for their own use in their gardens. And the market for their herbs outside Greece was alien to them.  

This is how we grew from growing organic herbs to trading in organic herbs.

We buy the organic herbs from our farmers and offer them today on the European market.

We visit our farmers several times a year, and our constant contact has strengthened it  our personal as well as business ties.

Together with our colleagues and friends Christos Kavounis - agricultural engineer - and his wife Kalliopi, it is important to us to make these unique, sometimes endemic herbs accessible to people outside Greece. In organic premium quality.


Bernhard & Nikolia Schickl