Delivery bottlenecks are expected for the new Cistus harvest in 2021


Because of the pandemic that afflicts us straight, inventories of Cistus in Greece and Cyprus are almost sold out. As the demand of the circumstances due to be is still high and the new crop exceeded,

we advise you time your quota to order.


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Rock Rose (Cistus incanus+ (Cistus creticus)


The tea herb comes from organically controlled cultivation and from wild collection.


According to the guidelines of organic certification
wild collection does not endanger the stability of the natural habitat or the conservation of species in the collection area.


Proper harvesting supports the growth of the plant: due to the professional pruning during harvesting, new plants start the next growth phase. Targeted trial harvests proved this and was confirmed by the forest authorities.

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Cistus creticus

Crete, Lasithi, Siteia


Cistus creticus

Cyprus, Troodos Mountains



Tannins (epicatechins)
essential oils
Resins (labdanum)

Cistusfeld an der Küste